Holly Brigham photo

Holly Brigham

Head of Outdoor Education

Holly Brigham joined us from Cokethorpe School in Oxford, United Kingdom. She qualified from the University of Worcester in the U.K. with a BSc in Outdoor Education, specialising in expedition leadership and personal development. She is also currently studying part-time towards her MA in Outdoor Education, specialising in Outdoor Education in schools and the benefits of expedition learning. Holly has taught in a variety of schools and environments in the last 12 years, teaching ages Reception to Year 13. She holds qualifications in several adventurous activities such as rock climbing, sea kayaking, canoeing, mountaineering and mountain biking and has used these qualifications and skills all over the world. Holly's interests outside of school are broad and although adventure and nature often play a part in her hobbies, she also enjoys traditional sports, in particular Rugby. 

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