Inspiring our students towards a more sustainable future


Our vision is for our communities to


Sustainability and global citizenship is embedded across our whole organisation.

Our goal is to encourage our communities to make informed choices, take inspired action and create positive impact on three levels:


Our Mission

We have a unique opportunity to educate our students and our community about caring for the planet on which we all rely and which our children and grandchildren will inherit. We believe we must equip our students with a connection to people and the planet as well as the scientific evidence and critical thinking skills required to inform their own decisions, and be self-empowered toward positive impact.

Since Dulwich College International’s inception in 2003, our schools have developed many unique and pioneering capabilities, not only in the academics but also in many other areas associated with the provision of a holistic education, including community and environmental action. 

We believe we have the power to create change through educating our students. We must set an example and inspire others, within and beyond our school boundaries. Our message is that we can all do something - just one small action such as switching off lights, celebrating diversity or reducing print materials, if repeated by many people, can have an enormous impact -- not just from that small action, but having the attitude that our actions matter!

Eco-explorer Camp 2019

Our Approach

We make sustainability, service and global citizenship a lived experience for our students, teachers and community at the personal, group and global level. Our aim is for everyone to believe what they do matters and how can we each make good choices, decisions and action. This ultimately leads us to have a mindset of Live Worldwise and be active and effective global citizens. We can, and will, build upon this approach by leveraging the scale of our network to help each other share and implement new sustainability initiatives as well as working collaboratively across the school sector to make significant change. 

Our Progress

We have made huge progress over the last few years, not only in our school operations but crucially in providing our students with opportunities to engage with sustainability themes and a global citizenship lens, to understand how to confront the challenges of today and move into the future with solutions.

Dulwich College Beijing

Our school in Beijing has made great headway in reducing nonrenewable energy usage and energy waste. Initiatives like introducing electric school buses, solar energy, and sensor-controlled lights have greatly reduced energy consumption around the school. With two sustainability student leaders championing key initiatives around the school, the community is set to make an even bigger impact.

Other highlights:

  • Four Pioneering Spirit Grants were awarded to student initiatives that related to sustainability and global citizenship
  • Recycled water for plant watering saves 8,000 tons of tap water very year
  • Food waste reduction initiatives have reduced 15kg of waste each school day

Dulwich College Seoul

Sustainability is a whole-school effort in Seoul. Our community works together to bring about real change. One example is the school’s Meat-free Monday initiative, which was driven by students in the Primary School Sustainability Club. The students presented their case to the school’s leadership team, and made a cogent argument for why we should take a lead in reducing the meat we consume as part of necessary urgent responses to climate change.

Other highlights:

  • Three sustainability and global citizenship clubs, one for each Key Stage: DUCKS, Junior School and Senior School
  • Senior School sustainability committee are currently organising a classroom recycling programme to be implemented in the school
  • Promotion of "Zero Waste" living at 2019 Founder's Day, involving the whole community

Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi

Our curriculum aims to provide real life situations for children to face the challenges and tensions that exist when we consume resources. We investigate, research and enquire. We grapple with concepts, and engage with experts.  Sometimes we reach conclusions or find solutions. But mostly, we open children up to active global citizenship, and exercising their agency to make changes in the world around them.

Other highlights:

  • Outdoor education is at the heart of the College. From DUCKS to Senior School, we foster and promote a love and appreciation of the outdoors
  • Students, teachers and members of our local community have worked closely with Hands On Shanghai to clean up local beaches and raise awareness for ocean and marine life protection
  • Staff and students are heavily involved in The Million Tree Project, which aims to raise community awareness of the Earth’s precious environment while focusing on steps individuals can take to lessen their negative impact on the natural world 

Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong

Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong has long prioritised sustainability in its vision for students to make a positive difference in the world and our student activists were determined to raise awareness about this issue. Hence DCSPD’s Own What You Eat (OWYE) series was born. The series of events raises awareness about important issues related to sustainability, health and well-being through the medium of food and showcases pioneering projects spearheaded by our students.

Other highlights:

  • Invited partners like celebrity chef David Laris and Kay Xu from Green Initiatives to equip community to reduce food waste
  • Students hosted a plant-based food event for the community, with hopes to invite parents and students from other schools in Shanghai to participate in future events
  • Ultimately, the school reduced 20% of food waste across DUCKS, Junior School and Senior School

Dulwich College (Singapore)

We are shaping the global citizens and want them to develop a keen sense of adding value to the community and a responsibility to nurture the planet for future generations. Awareness of the natural world and its resources is important as children learn to live their lives honestly with a spirit of respect for themselves and others. Students, staff and all visitors to campus are encouraged to rethink, re-use, reduce and recycle. In recognition of our efforts, WWF (World Wildlife Fund) has granted Dulwich College (Singapore) Silver Award status in the WWF Eco-Schools programme for championing a sustainable future and integrating sustainability into the College’s philosophy, culture and teaching. 

Other highlights:

  • An onsite food waste composter and energy-efficient building management systems with information made available to students. 
  • First educational institution in Singapore to commit to 100% carbon neutral electricity by offsetting carbon emissions equivalent to planting more than 35,000 trees.
  • Dulwich College (Singapore) is the first pre-tertiary education institution to join the UN Global Compact.

Dulwich College Suzhou

Our students and staff are leading the way to ensure a healthy and sustainable future. Students in our Eco Council initiate and organise many events and activities to raise awareness in the community, including planting trees in our sustainable forest, holding plant and bake sales from our school garden to raise funds for the World Wildlife Fund and a local animal shelter, designing and creating birdfeeders in the school playground using recycled materials, and many more. 

Other highlights:

  • Reduce paper consumption by 158,000 pages - that’s 19 trees saved - and only using Forest Stewardship Council paper that comes from sustainable sources.
  • Coffee shops serve UTZ certified coffee, supporting the development of sustainable farming and the livelihood of farmers.
  • Collect and recycle water, saving over 14,000 tonnes - enough to provide our students with their daily water needs for 98 days.

Dulwich College Yangon

At both our Pun Hlaing and Star City campuses, eco-councils have been set up. These are made up of elected students, staff and parent representatives who help create a more sustainable school community. In fact, the Pun Hlaing campus is the first in Myanmar to win the prestigious Eco-Schools Green Flag award, an international accolade that recognises a commitment to tackling environmental issues.

Other highlights:

  • Use of solar energy sources, introduced in 2018
  • The school community has cut food waste per lunchtime by more than half
  • All students have been involved in sutainability education and activities

Dulwich International High School Suzhou

At Dulwich International High School Suzhou, we encourage our students to "Grow in Dulwich and Thrive in Life". One key student-led initiative is the launch of the Conscious Friday programme, which aims to spread awareness of the activities of the Global Citizenship Team and raise awareness of environmental issues the world faces.

Other highlights:

  • Engaging ways for students to learn about sustainability, including cycling-powered smoothie station where kinetic energy from the cycling efforts helped create banana smoothies
  • A Pioneering Spirit Grant was awarded to fund the school's Farmbot initiative, to create an open and accessible technology for our students to grow food at school
  • 366 students from the school joined in the Group-wide effort of hosting the record breaking Largest Environmental Sustainability Lesson in the world.
DHZH's green campus

Dulwich International High School Zhuhai

We believe in a holistic education that nourishes the mind, body and spirit. We believe in learning beyond the classroom, and central to that is the idea of service. We encourage our students to participate in community service projects, whether caring for the natural environment, participating in community events, or providing support to those in need. 

Other highlights:

Dehong Beijing International Chinese School

Our sister school, Dehong Beijing, believes in helping students love the planet we live on. Every Wednesday afternoon is devoted to sustainability learning, and every student in each grade participates. These lessons teach students about waste sorting methods, making compost, water-saving, and much more. By prioritising sustainability, Dehong Beijing hopes students will truly realise how they can create a positive influence the environment through their own actions.

Other highlights:

  • The student council is made up of students from every grade level and focusses on sustainability outcomes.
  • The school grounds include 29㎡ of organic cultivation area, and the school garden is currently being prepared by the students. 
  • There are currently 20 students who are actively leading sustainability initiatives in the school, learning how to champion the cause within their own school community.

Dehong Shanghai International Chinese School

Our sister school, Dehong Shanghai, provides students with exciting opportunities for students to learn that that their actions really do make a difference in a world that is facing increasing challenges. In everything, Dehong Shanghai believes that the ‘students come first’ value is a commitment that extends to ensuring that we equip them with the skills and knowledge to act responsibly now and to go on to become the world’s future global sustainability leaders. 

Other highlights:

  • Eco-conscious food choices, including daily plant-based meal option, no palm oil, and UTZ and fair trade coffee options only. 
  • No single-use plastics sold or used on our campus at all; students bring reusable metal water bottles from home.
  • All students are involved in SDG-linked learning within the curriculum. 

Dehong Xi'an International Chinese School

At our sister school, Dehong Xi'an, every student is involved in sustainable education because children are the future, and they will change the world. Dehong Xi'an encourages students to frequently put forward their own ideas, to think about their relationship with their school, family, society, country and the world, and constantly consider "what can I do?"

Other highlights:

  • Sustainability lessons every Wednesday for the whole school
  • Partnership with Shaanxi Agape Community Care Association, an organisation that cares for orphans and special needs children and provides aid to marginalised individuals and communities.
  • Recently hosted the WOW Sustainability Fashion Show, where students could learn about recycling in a fun and dynamic way

In all that we do, we believe that students come first and that this commitment extends to ensuring we equip them with the skills and knowledge to act responsibly now, and go on to become the world’s future global sustainability leaders.  

Learn more about our commitment to Live Worldwise

Hear from members of our community to learn more about how and why sustainability has been embedded throughout our organisation as a part of who we are, not just something we do:

From Our Founder: Why the Sustainability Agenda is Our Agenda image
From Our Founder: Why the Sustainability Agenda is Our Agenda

When Karen Yung and I founded Dulwich College International in 2003, we were motivated by our desire to create a school that would prepare our three children and their peers for the future. Beyond preparing them to excel academically, we wanted to equip them to live and work in a world that is changing faster than ever before, and for them to develop the passions and skills that will enable them to create meaningful positive change.

Designing Our Campuses For Immersive Sustainability Education image
Designing Our Campuses For Immersive Sustainability Education

The preservation of the natural environment has been an issue brought to the fore and we have made sustainability a guiding principle for everything we do, including the design of our built environments.

From Student to Sustainability Associate at Dulwich image
From Student to Sustainability Associate at Dulwich

My name is Kai White. I am an alumnus of Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong, and I now work for Dulwich College International as part of its Sustainability and Global Citizenship team. My journey began in biology class at Dulwich, when we watched an episode of Planet Earth narrated by my now hero David Attenborough.

Sustainability Leader Elliot Maclean: Embedding Culture Change in School image
Sustainability Leader Elliot Maclean: Embedding Culture Change in School

As a school Sustainability Leader, my job can be broadly described as a culture builder and a change facilitator. I work with operations and academic teams to integrate sustainability and global citizenship into the curriculum, raise awareness of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and improve the ecological and social friendliness of our day-to-day activities and operations in the school.