At Dulwich College Seoul, we place a lot of value in our sports activities and the opportunities they present to our students to grow as individuals and as teammates. We believe sports activities help them not only on the field but also in their daily lives. 

The Saturday sports programme provides ample options to experience different activities and find students’ passion, whether it be football, basketball, taekwondo, or swimming, which are all on offer. Term 1 of 2021/22 is now halfway through and we're very happy with the progress of our students so far. Last week’s session focused on developing students’ ability to turn with the ball to escape pressure and break out into open space.


The demonstrations and interactions from our coaches are vital to helping our students develop their skill sets. There’s no better way for them to learn than from a player who is one of school’s top players and current head boy, Kris. Kris has been working in an assistant coaching role this past term as part of his CAS studies. It's great to see our players come out and want to take the next step in their development. Assistant Coach Kris can be seen working hard to help the players in a fun environment and pass on his knowledge and experience. The players react very well to him in the sessions, and he even got to coach his younger brother!

We'll be introducing more programme activities over the coming weeks. If you haven’t taken part in the Saturday Programme before but are interested in doing so, then Term 2 is just around the corner (starting 14 January, 2022). Keep a lookout for sign-up in early December as there is something for everyone.

Mr Martin Bushell
Saturday Programme Manager