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Alex Smith

College Director of Technology and Innovation

Alex Smith joined us from Dulwich College Shanghai. He studied at the University of Kent in the U.K. and qualified in Computer Science and Business Administration before spending six years working as a Web Developer and Data Analyst for various customers. Moving into education, Alex took a post in Salisbury, U.K. as a Senior School Information Technology teacher, before making the decision to move abroad. His first post was in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia working as Head of Information Technology, where he pioneered the development of Computer Science units to complement existing Information Technology offerings. Alex joined the Dulwich International Group of Schools in 2015 as IT Integrator, where he worked alongside teachers and senior leaders to develop Computer Science teaching across the college. Alex’s interests beyond the classroom are focused firmly on the great outdoors and include climbing, hiking, running and cycling. He is very hopeful that South Korea can keep him occupied in this regard and fully intends to explore the many opportunities available.

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