Camille Brignolle photo

Camille Brignolle

Head of European Languages

Camille has an MA in American Literature from La Sorbonne Nouvelle and a PGCE in Modern Languages (French and Spanish) from the University of Cambridge. She taught French and Spanish for more than a decade. Camille was previously a Head of Languages for five years as well as Mother Tongue Coordinator for the 9 additional languages offered in the school.  She has held other responsibilities such as whole school PGCE coordinator in charge of the mentors and the PGCE students. She has taught the IB programmes (MYP and Diploma for Languages A, B and AB Initio) and the UK National Curriculum. Camille is also an official IB Diploma Examiner for the EE in French B. Beyond the classroom, Camille enjoys photography, reading, cooking, yoga and travel. Camille is accompanied by her partner, Dilip Chakraborti, who teaches in the Primary School.