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Irene Bancroft

Primary School English as an Additional Language

Irene Bancroft joined us from Dongguk University, Seoul, Korea. Most recently, she graduated from Walden University, in the U.S.A., with a Master of Science in Education, specialising in Elementary Reading and Literacy. She studied Marketing at North-West University, South Africa before earning a PGCE from Unisa, South Africa. Irene has been teaching English as a second/additional language to a variety of age groups, for the past seventeen years and served as a coordinator and curriculum developer for district-wide elementary after-school and vacation programs. In her spare time, Irene enjoys bike rides and running. Additionally,
fuelled by her interest in children’s literature and literacy education, she loves exploring books and stories with her two young kids. Irene is accompanied by her husband, Roddy, who is a restauranteur, and their two boys, Aidan and Taran.

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