Lorne Barnard photo

Lorne Barnard

Director of Sport / PS Head of Shackleton

Lorne joined us from Caterham School in Surrey, England. He obtained a BSc in Psychology with Ergonomics from Loughborough University and completed his Teacher Training in Physical Education and Psychology at Caterham School where he was an Assistant Head of Year as well as a Head of House. During his six years at Caterham School, he also spent three years as a Boarding Master. Lorne has a strong passion for sport and has experience in coaching and playing a wide variety of sports. He represented the England U18XI Hockey team in 2006 and has competed in both the Premier and National Leagues in England with Loughborough University and Oxted Hockey Club. Lorne is a firm believer that students should be actively engaged within and beyond the classroom through the arts, sport, expedition and charity both locally and internationally to ensure a truly holistic education. Lorne has travelled to Seoul, with his partner, Isabel Binns who teaches in the Primary School.

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