University Counselling

Graduates of Dulwich College International schools go on to leading universities and colleges around the world. The most popular university destinations are the UK, the US and Canada, with the remaining 20% of our alumni continuing their education in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, China, Japan, and South Africa. We live our motto: Detur Pons Mundo - Building Bridges to the World.

Since our first class graduated in 2010, DCI alumni have headed to all the UK Russell Group of universities, including Oxford and Cambridge, every Ivy League university, and a host of others around the world, including Amherst, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Duke, Georgetown, Maastricht University, Macalester, McGill, Northwestern, NYU, Peking University, Seoul National University, Smith, Stanford, University of Melbourne, Vassar, and Washington University in St. Louis.

We help our students with a particular interest in the arts, music, technology, engineering and aeronautics to pursue their passions. Our graduates have also gone on to Central St Martins College of Art and Design, Berklee College of Music, Rhode Island School of Design, Emory Riddle Aeronautical University, School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Pratt Institute.

Students at Dulwich College International schools benefit from our unique university counselling curriculum that starts preparing them as early as Year 7 for university and careers beyond school. Our student-to-counsellor ratio is no greater than 30:1 in Year 13. As a result of both group and individual work, students choose universities and degrees that are most appropriate to their interests. Matching students to the right universities during the selection process helps them thrive once they go beyond our doors.

Our students not only receive personalised service from their university counsellors, but also benefit from the indirect support that comes from our 20 experienced and diverse counsellors sharing ideas and best practices throughout the Dulwich network of schools.

When students begin Senior School at age 13, they are introduced to a comprehensive and tailored university and career plan – the Dulwich Success Plan. This ensures students are well prepared candidates for the best universities in the world.
- Heather Pineda, University Counselling

Tips For Choosing a University

International students applying for university may appear to have great advantages, but sometimes they have a surprisingly unique challenge. They are open-minded, internationally minded, and frequently well-travelled. They may have university options in three or four different countries, but often don’t know where to start. These tips can help them. 

Narrowing it down

It’s important for students to remember that in the end they will have to make a decision. They should think about what they want to do, what they like and what interests them. Starting with that understanding and then doing the research will help them make an informed choice.

Finding the right fit

Successful students not only understand what is a good fit for them academically, but also personally. They should look into the ethos and culture of the university to see if it suits them. Choosing a prestigious name is not always the right decision – that university might not offer the course, culture, or teaching style that suits a particular student.

The importance of community

Friendships made at university can be for life. Students should investigate the university culture through social media and online forums. If possible, they should visit the university in advance to get a feel for the community. Many of our alumni have volunteered to act as University Mentors to applicants from DCI schools, and they will be a great source of knowledge and understanding about what it's like to be a student at that university. Knowing people in advance can make the transition much easier.

Asking the University Counsellor

Students and parents should not hesitate to ask their university counsellor any questions they may have. Funding and scholarships need to be considered early on, and preparing children to live overseas can take time – it's never too early to ask for advice.  

Finding an interest

If a student can develop an interest and stick at it, this is often well considered by universities. At Dulwich College International, we offer students countless opportunities to find areas of interest, including service to others. We often talk about “pointy students” who work hard to be specialised. Other students are "rounded". Universities take both – what counts is an ability to talk with passion and conviction about why the chosen university is the best fit for you. For an application to stand out, it must be genuine, convincing and unique. Internships, wider reading, commitment to helping others and dedication to following an area of interest can all help. 

Thinking critically

Whether a student is well rounded or pointy, of far greater importance is the ability to think critically, give a clear argument, listen actively to others and be prepared to adjust your opinions and keep learning! DCI Colleges are full of such students, thanks to our creative and supportive educational frameworks.