Phoebe Rowbottom photo

Phoebe Rowbottom

Primary Year 2 Teacher

Phoebe Rowbottom joined us from Ark Globe Academy in London UK, where she was an Assistant Principal. She qualified from the University of South Australia with a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (Birth-8 years) and has received the NPQML qualification at the Ambition Institute in London, UK. Phoebe has taught across the Reception to Year 4 age range in England over the last nine years and has been a Curriculum Lead, Maths Lead and Reading Lead in her previous roles. Beyond the classroom Phoebe has many interests; she is passionate about travelling, experiencing new cultures and history. She has also been learning the Korean language and can often be seen practising this skill in Seoul. Phoebe also has specific training to support the development of early reading through Phonics and has worked with students in the special educational needs areas of autism and non-verbal communication. 

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