Welcome to the Worldwise Alumni Network (WAN) 

The Worldwise Alumni Network is an active, global community that unites the talents and strengths of alumni from all Dulwich College schools around the world. Our network is a testament to the shared experiences and diverse paths our alumni take, offering a wealth of opportunities for connection, growth, and mutual support. 

Alumni Spotlight: Our Global Impact 

Celebrating Our Alumni Journeys: Discover the inspiring stories of Dulwich College Seoul alumni who are making a mark across the globe. From innovators and entrepreneurs to artists and academics, our alumni community is a tapestry of success and inspiration. 

Memories in Focus: Alumni Events

We are excited to share a series of alumni events designed to reconnect, celebrate, and strengthen the bonds within our diverse network of graduates and International Old Alleynians (IOAs). In this section, you will find highlights and photos from previous alumni events, offering a glimpse into our alumni community. 

Meet Our Alumni Event image
Meet Our Alumni Event
Meet Our Alumni Event image
Meet Our Alumni Event

Four alumni and Lucien Giordano shared insights on life post-Dulwich with students and parents, highlighting the global alumni network's opportunities

Meet Our WAN Leaders

Alexandre Blanchard DCSL'18

DCSL Worldwise Alumni Advisory Board Representative 

Alexandre Blanchard is our very first Alumni Rep for Dulwich College Seoul. A Class of 2018 graduate and Chemistry major from RWTH Aachen University in Aachen, Germany, he is currently pursuing an MSc in Drug Discovery at the University of Nottingham.

Alice Oh DCSZ'17

Co-Lead of the WAN Seoul Chapter

Alice Oh is the Co-lead of the WAN Seoul Chapter and a graduate of Dulwich College Suzhou, Class of 2017. She studied at the Seoul National University and currently works as an Assistant Relationship Manager at Standard Chartered Bank.

Chelsea (Jisoo) Hong DCB'15

Co-Lead of the WAN Seoul Chapter

Chelsea Hong is the Co-lead of the WAN Seoul Chapter and a graduate of Dulwich College Beijing, Class of 2015. She earned her BS in Nursing from the Catholic University of Korea and is currently working as a nurse at Samsung Medical Center.

Bryan Chiew DCB'16

President, Wordwise Alumni Advisory Board

Bryan Chiew is the President of the Worldwise Alumni Advisory Board and a graduate of Dulwich College Beijing, Class of 2016. He studied at Nanyang Technological University and is currently working in Public Policy at the Prime Minister's Office in Singapore.

DCSL Worldwise Alumni Network (WAN) Instagram Account

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Instagram account for the growing Worldwise Alumni Network (WAN). This platform is dedicated to connecting our alumni from Dulwich College Seoul and the entire Dulwich College family of schools.

Please click here and follow us for updates on alumni events, introductions to our alumni representatives, and inspiring stories from our global alumni community. Join us in celebrating the achievements and journeys of our alumni around the world!