Guiding Statements

Students Come First
Pioneering Spirit
One College, Many Campuses
Building Bridges to the World
Kindest School in the Universe

Our Philosophy and Objectives statements, in adult and child-friendly terms, reflect how we achieve this:

We provide a safe and stimulating environment.
We feel safe, have lots of fun and interesting lessons, and feel valued at school. 

We allow every individual to realise their full potential.
We are encouraged to work hard and enjoy learning new things to become the best we can.  

We promote the development of the whole child through a holistic approach to learning.
We are given opportunities to experience lots of activities and learn through everything we do.

We recognise that meaningful learning involves taking risks.
We like trying out new things and know that learning can sometimes be challenging. 

We prepare children to live in an ever-changing world.
We learn to question and develop our ideas so we are prepared for change.

We emphasise the benefits of working together.
We learn to collaborate in a team to achieve success. 

We celebrate diversity in our local and international community.
We enjoy meeting different people, sharing ideas and serving in our local and international communities.

We encourage respect for the environment.
We look after the world we live in and understand how we can make a difference.

We develop compassionate, caring individuals with respect for themselves and others.
We respect ourselves and others, act with integrity, honesty and fairness in all that we do.