Alexandra Shackleton visits Dulwich College Seoul

We were delighted to welcome The Hon. Alexandra Shackleton to deliver our 4th annual Shackleton Lecture. To have a descendent of the Dulwich College alumnus Sir Ernest Shackleton speak at the eponymous lecture brought heightened emphasis to our Pioneering Spirit ambitions. Ms Shackleton has enjoyed a life steeped in adventurous travel herself. Though she never met her grandfather, she has proudly promoted his extraordinary qualities, in particular, as President of the James Caird Society. This Society is dedicated to honouring the outstanding leadership associated with the name of Sir Ernest Shackleton, especially during the ill-fated but glorious Endurance Expedition, when all members of the party were rescued following a daring 800-mile voyage in the 23-foot lifeboat James Caird. See this website for more details:

This is the 4th annual Shackleton lecture, which so far have featured stories from expeditioners and explorers who have made exceptional journeys over air, land, and sea, and in doing so have demonstrated the extraordinary capacity of human beings. A famous educator, Kurt Hahn, used the phrase ‘plus est en vous’ (there is more in you) as a reminder of our amazing ability to achieve things we never thought we could. Our visitors have shared stories of how they overcame hardship and achieved life-long goals through planning, stamina and resourcefulness. They have shared their wonder at the natural world, described the friendships they made along their way and what they learned about themselves. The term Pioneering Spirit at Dulwich encapsulates many aspects of character including creativity, innovation and courage. The school wants its students to try new things, to challenge themselves beyond a comfort zone and to be brave with intellectual engagement. Today’s Shackleton Lecture gave us a perfect chance to highlight this key part of our Mission once again.

We were very grateful to Ms Shackleton and members of the school’s Adventure Club for officially opening our new Challenge Course situated on top of the swimming pool building.