Art Murmurs - Colouring for Calm

Term 1 has been a busy time for the student-led design team, Art Murmurs. We started the year by appointing Gian, Year 11 as our new Manager; a role in which she has excelled! Gian supervised live design briefs including the logo for the Dulwich Chingus and illustrated “Happy Holidays” notes for the IB Candy Cane Drive. However, it is the Colouring Book project that really captured the imagination of our team of designers. Following the theme You’re Not Alone, the team created a series of intricate illustrations that were digitised into a Colouring Book to be available to students when they are feeling overwhelmed or 'a bit lost'. The first page of the book also explains the positive effects colouring can have on our wellbeing, for example, it reduces our mental chatter enabling us to feel more present and find clarity. Each teacher will be given a copy of the Colouring Book and sent a digital version to use as they wish and several copies will be kept in the Counsellors’ Rooms. If you would like a copy for yourself, feel free to contact Gian or Ms Swain!

Colour yourself calm!

Ms Shelley Swain
Head of Art and Design