Damian Siqueiros visits Dulwich College Seoul


For the third year running the IB Visual Art Students have been working with the artist & photographer Damian Siqueiros. This year the focus has been Emphatic Storytelling and has been conducted mostly online. The workshop aims to focus on developing students artistic awareness, technical skills, curatorial considerations and developing of concepts emphatically. Students engaged with classes focused on photography, technical considerations, concepts and emphatic storytelling. Following this, students had a virtual live window into Siqueiros' photography studio in Montreal, Canada. Where he worked with a team of photographers and a model conducting a photoshoot. Siqueiros then engaged with students questioning them on their personal Visual Art development. The IB students are currently due to engage with the practical element of the workshop with a student led photoshoot. The aim is to create an exhibition studio piece that will contribute to their Visual Art Exhibition. We very much hope to see a diverse range of outcomes that represent a very talented and committed group of students. The workshop has provided students with valuable real world experience, getting an insight into the world of professional photography. Furthermore, through their engagement with the workshop the students have realised the importance of emphatic storytelling in art and how this can empower their artistic voice for the future.