Dance Production

Having an office on the 4th floor, right next to the Dance Studio, I was able to gain an understanding of just how much preparation went into last night’s Dance Production. I became very familiar with the music blaring out of the Dance Studio but was told to keep out whilst students were rehearsing as they wanted me to wait for the big night to see what they were doing. The late practices and hours of preparation were most definitely worth it. Students performed to a packed Auditorium, demonstrating a range of styles and some extraordinary talent. Primary and Senior students performed a variety of dances based on historical events from the 1980s and 1990s, imaginatively weaved together by news reports on the events.


Dance has grown quickly at Dulwich College Seoul in the past three years, under the leadership of Miss Jean Jang, and she has every reason to feel proud last night. I was particularly impressed to see so many Year 11 students on stage, days after their mock exams had ended. There was a large Year 11 presence in the audience too - a great example of how this year group support one another.


Well done to all involved in this spectacular show.

Ms Sarah Harrison
Head of Senior School