Hear from the DCSL Alumni - Alexandre Blanchard

We are happy to introduce a new series of interviews highlighting our International Old Alleynians, or IOA for short, focusing on our Dulwich College Seoul alumni. In this episode, we feature Alexandre Blanchard, Class of 2018, a Chemistry major at RWTH Aachen University in Aachen, Germany. Currently pursuing an MSc in Drug Discovery at the University of Nottingham, he shares what motivated his choice of major and how Dulwich has supported him. He will also offer advice to the current students at Dulwich College Seoul.

What inspired you to take on the role of Alumni Representative for Dulwich College Seoul?

I took on the role of Alumni Rep for Dulwich College Seoul with a clear aim: to bring our graduates together again. Like many others, I'm curious about where our paths have led us since leaving Dulwich. My experiences post-graduation made me value our Dulwich roots even more and inspired me to strengthen those connections. I want to help build a community where sharing advice and experiences is easy, making sure we all feel supported. It's about keeping our Dulwich network strong and connected.

Where are you currently located?

I am currently based in Nottingham, UK. 

When did you graduate from Dulwich College Seoul (DCSL)?

I graduated in 2018, having joined in 2016. 


What are you busy with these days?

I am currently studying M.Sc. Drug Discovery at the University of Nottingham, a top 10 worldwide institution for pharmacy and pharmacology. Previously, I completed B.Sc. Chemistry at RWTH Aachen University in Aachen, Germany. 

What motivated your choice of major/subject field, and how did DCSL support you?

Although Dulwich wasn't the primary influence in steering me toward a future in the field of chemistry or pharmacology, it undeniably strengthened my ability to navigate work and personal challenges, stress, and persevere, proving invaluable in today's fiercely competitive scientific landscape. 

Moreover, participating in the Science Society was a highlight for me. It provided a platform to bring the thrill of science closer to the next generation of scientists—an experience that I found both fulfilling and enlightening. Ultimately, my time at Dulwich has profoundly influenced my character, shaping my values and priorities in life. 


Any advice for current DCSL students? 

To current students, I encourage you to make use of the school and its abundant resources. Foster connections with classmates and peers and sustain those relationships beyond graduation. Building a robust network is paramount in most professional settings for gaining advice on where life could take you next. Actively engage in events, gather fresh perspectives, and broaden your network. From personal experience, I can attest that this is among the most crucial aspects of education that often goes untaught. Embrace it, derive value from it, and, importantly, help others benefit from it too!