Diversity - Jessie Munro Band

Diversity - Jesse Munro Band

It was with great pleasure that we welcomed Jessie Munro Band to Dulwich College Seoul as the last stop of their Asia tour on Tuesday, 17 October. We were pleased to host the following musicians:

  • Jessie Munro - Singer
  • Jonah Summerfield - Drums
  • Elliott Marchent - Electric guitar
  • Maddie Jay - Electric bass
  • Johannes Burger - Piano 

Staff and students of all ages showed great enthusiasm and many waited in long queues with much anticipation to receive autographs from the band members throughout the day! Some of our student bands and select drummers had the opportunity to share their musical passion and participated in private sessions with our guest artists. Out of the three performances that were held in the auditorium, I will never forget what happened at the end of the band’s last performance reserved for the Senior School students. The mood change was palpable in the auditorium as our Senior students were specifically reminded to be on their best behaviour before the start of the show. With the exception of a few, the room was full of shy and reticent students into the last song, when…a courageous student broke out of his shell and ran down onto stage while the band was performing to share with the audience the most ambitious dance moves! All of a sudden, the crowd went wild and cheered him on. This act of bravery inspired another one of our recognised dancers in the audience. To check out what was captured on video, please watch here

These unexpected moments are what drives teachers to continue doing what we do. Thank you Suren and Giuseppe for making it all worthwhile! I am looking forward to many more cherishable memories like this in the future. 

Ms Jeong-min Lee
Music Teacher