DCSL Dragon Boat Festival Celebration

Dragon Boat Festival, also known as Duanwu Festival 端午节, which is celebrated on the fifth day on the fifth month of the lunar calendar. The festival was originally initiated to pay tribute to a famous Chinese poet named Qu Yuan (340BC – 278BC).

During Mandarin lessons over the last week, students have taken part in a range of fun activities to celebrate and learn about the Dragon Boat Festival. They celebrated this traditional festival by discussing the origins and creating handcrafted artwork.


The students’ curiosity flourished through various questions, such as “Who is Qu Yuan?” “Why do Chinese people celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival?” and “Why do they race on the Dragon Boats and eat Zongzi?” The hands-on learning through stories and practical work made the learning experience and celebration of the festival more fun than ever before.


The celebration also expanded to our Extra Curriculum program. Mandarin teachers and ‘Dulwich Creative’ ECA students did a fantastic job decorating a huge dragon as part of the celebration of the festival and displayed it on the Mandarin display board on the 3rd floor. Furthermore, during Chinese Calligraphy ECA, students contributed to the Dragon Boat Festival wall displays by writing a poem with the calligraphy skills they have learned. Everyone was very proud of their work and excited to see the artwork displayed for everyone to see.

Mandarin Department