Dulwich College Seoul Science Society

This term has been very busy in both the Primary and Senior Science after school ECAs. The purpose of these activities are to engage in fun activities that students would not always get the chance to participate in. We hope that these hands-on experiments help build their love of learning Science.


During this term’s ECA, Year 5 and Year 6 have had the opportunity to explore practical science experiments, from finding out about forces when creating rockets with balloons, and creating their own periscopes to show how light reflects at different angles, all the way to creating cube shaped bubbles and seeing how soft drink companies create the bubbles in soda using acids and baking powder.


We have all had a fantastic time trying out these experiments and are looking forward to more scientific discoveries in next term’s ECA with Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6. Thanks go to Mr Stevens and Ms Simpson for helping to run our ECA this term. Well done ECA Scientists and get your lab coats ready for next term!



Jay S and Jung-Eun A did a wonderful job of setting up the Senior Science Society last year. In order to concentrate on their studies they have left the Society in the capable hands of Soomin and Colin in Year 12. The IB team is very dedicated to ensuring that students have an engaging, educational and fun time. They have planned numerous exciting practicals this term from a range of science topics. Students have dissected eye balls, conducted flame tests, made rockets, bubbles, fruit batteries and conducted IB level chromatograms to name but a few. A huge thank you to Ms Chloe Kim for her help. I can not wait to find out what next term will bring!



The Junior School and Senior School have also collaborated during their ECAs to perform scientific experiments using Senior School laboratories and equipment. Senior School students have done a sterling job in arranging and leading a variety of experiments to which the Junior School students would not normally have access, and have really engaged and inspired them.


It has been fantastic to see a small but dedicated team of IB students planning, practising and delivering an exciting ECA program for the younger students. Alexandre B, Mark H and Soomin C have taken on this challenge in their stride and it has been wonderful to see their leadership skills flourish. We shall be continuing this next term and look forward to the Juniors and Seniors working and learning together. 


Ms Emily Walsh and Mr Dilip Chakraborti
Science ECA Coordinators