Welcoming the Dulwich Drop: A New Addition to Our School

Welcoming the Dulwich Drop: A New Addition to Our School

We are excited to share the highlights of a significant addition to our school's landscape – the Dulwich Drop. Installed during the recent summer holiday, this unique slide has already become a symbol of fun, unity, and innovative spirit within our community.


The opening ceremony of the Dulwich Drop was an event to remember. Kicking off with a spirited ribbon-cutting, the ceremony set the stage for an outpouring of excitement and community spirit. As each student took their turn, the slide became more than just a playground feature; it symbolized the joy of our school spirit.


At the heart of the celebration was a creatively designed, slide-shaped cake, awaiting the students at the bottom of their joyful rides. This sweet treat added a fun and memorable twist to the event. Accompanying the laughter and cheers was the upbeat rhythm of the Cha Cha Slide, uniting everyone in a shared experience of happiness and togetherness.


We look forward to the many moments of joy the Dulwich Drop will bring to our school. It's a simple addition, but one that significantly enhances our daily school life, reminding us of the importance of fun and community spirit.