Spring edition of Dulwich Haru

In this Spring edition of Dulwich Haru, meet Seoyoon, a Year-8 ballet dancer with a taste for science; our Head of DUCKS 1, Nina Burrows who worked as a media producer before finding her true passion in education; and Aayesha Temur Khan, a parent and Friends of Dulwich executive committee member who runs a school for underserved children in her native Pakistan.

We would like to thank all our community members for sharing their stories and Aayesha, in particular, for raising awareness around the importance of well-being among our students and support services provided by our school counsellors.

Please enjoy this selection of stories from our vibrant community, which highlight the unique spirit and character of our school by clicking on the thumbnails below. 

Seoyoon (Year 8) is an accomplished ballet dancer with a strong interest in science. She began dancing with rhythmic gymnastics in 2015 but soon discovered that ballet, a closely related discipline, was where her true passion lay. Seoyoon hopes that in the future she can use her interest in science and medicine to help dancers recover faster from their injuries.

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Nina Burrows is Head of DUCKS 1. She previously worked in Kazakhstan and joined us in August. She studied media production before developing an interest in early years education. Nina discusses what kinds of skills are crucial for DUCKS children to learn and shares her tips on how parents can help.

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Aayesha’s daughter Fatima (Year 4) experienced some difficulty adjusting to life in Korea, but has made great progress with help from our Lead Counsellor, Mr Dekens. When not volunteering with the Friends of Dulwich, Aayesha runs a free school for almost 500 underserved children in a remote village in the mountains of northern Pakistan.

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