Eat a Rainbow Primary Parent Workshop and Kitchen Tour


Feedback was gathered some of which is below:

“The lunch I ate - honey mustard chicken, mixed grain rice, radish kimchi, salad, orange and cranberry cake - was very tasty and filling. It was well prepared, child friendly sized, and well cooked. I could see most children had a variety of food on their trays, and seemed to have sufficient time to eat their fill. The atmosphere was relaxed and encouraging, with teaching staff there and approachable. Earlier it was good to learn during the kitchen tour that all food is fresh every day - I had not been aware of this before the visit. I believe the lunch provided is excellent value for money. I would recommend as many parents as possible attend a kitchen visit and lunch - it gave me a great insight into the care and detailed attention given to the children's well being at the school”. Junior School Parent

“During the morning, I enjoyed the kitchen tour, visit to the library, seeing my child and enjoy delicious lunch.” DUCKS parent