Strategies for Successful Online Learning in Senior School

We have produced guidelines to help students understand how they can be successful during online learning.


Supporting your child online is even more important when they are learning online. We can only do so much from a distance! Please help us to help your child successfully navigate the challenges of online learning.

  1. Help to establish routines. Get your child up and make sure they are dressed and ready for the day.
  2. Provide a designated space for them to work and make sure they have everything they need - laptop, desk, adequate lighting, power supply, books and writing equipment.   
  3. At the start of the week: Check that your child has made a plan for the week. It should include time for relaxation, exercise and catching up with friends and family.  
  4. During the week: Discuss progress with your child, ensure they are on track, and discuss strategies for catching up if they are falling behind. Let us know if there is anything they require support with.  
  5. Towards the end of the week: Encourage your child to submit work. They should not leave everything to the last minute.
  6. Reinforce the need for safe online interactions. (More to come from us!)
  7. Encourage your child to reach out to teachers if they need support. 
  8. Tell us if your child needs support. Contact any of us - the tutor, subject teachers, Assistant Heads, school counsellors or me. We will make sure your child gets the best support possible.  
  9. Facilitate social interactions, e.g. play dates, study groups.
  10. Plan to do something fun!
  11. Let us know how it is going via surveys, Parent Representatives or email. We are happy to have telephone conversations and arrange online meetings too.  
  12. Let the Form Tutor know if your child is unable to work online, e.g. due to illness. 


Ms Sarah Harrison
Head of Senior School