Photosynthesis Explained by Year 9

Between Tuesday 21 May and Wednesday 22 May, all Year 2 classes went up to the STEM room on the fourth floor to learn everything about the process of photosynthesis. The excitement from both the Year 2 children and the Year 9 students was palpable. Year 9’s would not have long to plant a photosynthesis story in the brain of a Year 2 student.


The signal was given and the magic of teaching started. The Year 9’s tried every trick in the book; drawing diagrams, making flash cards, using wipe boards, and even making molecules to help the Year 2’s learn all about photosynthesis.

After 17 minutes, their time was up. Would the Year 2’s remember what they had been taught? Each Year 2 student had just three to four minutes to write down everything they had learnt. The results were very good!


But will it last the test of time? If you see a Year 2 child, feel free to ask them about photosynthesis and see if it has. Year 2 would like to thank the Year 9’s for all of their hard work and dedication to help them understand photosynthesis!

Ms Sarah Doble
Primary Year 2 Leader