Royal Academy of Dance

Once a year, Royal Academy of Dance holds examinations in multiple cities of Korea.
Royal Academy of Dance is one of the most recognised dance education all around the world, with its global headquarters in London.
It is our second year of continuing the Royal Academy of Dance Examinations Programme at Dulwich.
Oonagh M, Charlotte C, Sofia C, Junhee L, Aoibh M, and Hannah Y participated in Primary Dance Exam and Grade 1 Exam.


I want to share some quotes from them after exams today.

“The examiner was so kind, she made me feel more confident during the exam.”

“Ms. Jang, when I made a mistake during the exam, I remembered what you always said to us- keep pushing through and never give up.”

“I feel so proud of myself!”

I am thankful for all of their hard work!

Dulwich ballet students, congratulations on all of your achievements!

Ms Jean Jang
Dance and Drama Teacher