Senior Cooking ECA

Senior Cooking ECA

This term, for the first time, we had a student leading Senior Cooking ECA and what a success he was! I learned a lot of skills and techniques myself (reports Ms Edwards). Here is what Chef Joshua had to say about the experience:


'My father always told me as a child that you never fully know something unless you are able to share your knowledge with others. Over the past few years I have been trying to improve my cooking skills. When I first started this ECA, I was nervous, shy and worried about details: what if someone got hurt? What if I was not good enough to teach the group? But in the end, I got to lead a wonderful class: teaching some students new skills, and bringing others to higher heights. Despite having my ECA cut short by the school closure, I am glad that I am at least able to look back and say that it was a wonderful adventure. Thank you, everyone.'


Thank you very much to Joshua (Year 11) for teaching and leading the Senior Cooking ECA so successfully. We are all sad that we did not have more opportunities to learn from Joshua. I hope that everyone has been trying out their cooking skills at home in recent weeks. Next term, perhaps we will have another student chef leading the ECA.


Mrs Rosie Edwards
Senior English Teacher