Theory of Knowledge Exhibition

As part of the IB Diploma, students are required to study the core subject, Theory of Knowledge. The subject explores the ideas of how knowledge is generated and shared, looking at topics such as confirmation bias, the influence of language, and authority bias.


Part of the requirements for the course is for Year 12 students to host a Theory of Knowledge exhibition. Students have to choose a question from 35 options given by the International Baccalaureate Organisation. Questions range from ‘What counts as Knowledge?’, ‘Are some things unknowable?’ to ‘How can we distinguish between knowledge, belief, and opinion?’. Students must answer this question by investigating three specific objects of their own choosing.


During the exhibition, students presented their questions, objects, and the findings of their investigation. I have really enjoyed watching the students select different materials, from Tweets, songs, speeches, and textbooks to explore their own ideas. This is the first time students have been assessed through the exhibition, and they have set a high standard for other year groups to follow. Hopefully next year we will be able to invite more of the school community on campus to experience the exhibition. 


Ms Rebecca Gardner
Senior School Assistant Head