University Offers 2018

Graduation Results

Some good news to share with you straight away concerning our graduating students from last summer. All students entered and passed the IB Diploma which guarantees entry to a high-ranking university. The group averaged a satisfying 33 points, with 25% achieving a Bilingual Diploma.

All of our Class of 2018 achieved offers to take up a place at university. This is the list of universities they will attend:

USA: Dartmouth (Art History), Penn State (Business), RISD (Industrial Design), Rochester (Engineering), Santa Clara (Business), Wesleyan (Biochemistry)

Canada: Emily Carr (Industrial Design), McMaster (Economics), Waterloo (Psychology)

Hong Kong: HKUST (Pure Mathematics)

UK: Imperial (Biomedical Engineering),  King’s College (English),  Manchester (Engineering), Nottingham (Chemistry), St Andrews (Economics, Marine Biology, Modern History)

Japan: Nagoya (Applied Biosciences)

Germany: RWTH Aachen (Chemistry)

This is a very strong set of universities, once again showing that any student graduating from Dulwich College Seoul will gain entry to a top university. What’s more, we pride ourselves on students attending the ‘best fit’ university for them, firmly equipped with the skills and interests to move forward with successful and enjoyable study, employment and lives.


Class of 2018: 100% IB Diploma entry, 100% pass.

Class of 2018: 100% achieved offers to take up places at high-ranking and best-fit universities.