Zero Waste; Art Meets Science

On hearing about the “Zero Waste” focus of this year’s Founders Day, the Year 9 students spent this term researching, investigating, and creating bio-degradable sculptures with a scientific twist. The students were presented with a live design brief- to create a sculptural outcome that informs or raises awareness about one of the UN Sustainability goals that correspond to our new Dulwich Sustainability Goals. Faced with a number of constraints, everyone quickly became enthused and focused. To ensure the sculptures were structurally sound, aesthetically striking and supported by sound theory, the project was completed during both Art and Science lessons. Working in teams, students assigned themselves into roles of responsibility to not only complete the task but to excel.


Kris, one of the group leaders was very proud and impressed by the effort and focus of his group. “Because issues regarding our world such as global warming and endangered animals have become so significant, I believe raising awareness to the public is definitely needed and doing this through making our own inventions and creating them with decomposable material was an amazing proposal. Being the group leader was not easy, but it was enjoyable. After we decided on our roles, everyone started with real confidence and commitment.”


Juna, another group leader, added, “Thanks to the Art and Science project, we were able to learn very useful life skills such as much need collaboration. Due to having two large groups and the effort required to complete the task, everyone had to invest our energy and thought into making the project successful. I felt that the team led itself, rather than me being the sole conductor. It was my first time leading a group of such numbers, but thanks to everyone’s efforts I felt in control and relaxed.”

The outcomes more than met the brief and Bea was clearly impressed with the level of knowledge and innovation demonstrated throughout the project.

Congratulations Year 9!

Mrs Shelley Swain
Head of Art and Design