T3 Ignite: Switzerland Application Process 2022/2023

The application process consists of two parts: the Application Form below, and a reference from the College. Once you complete the Application Form below, a College staff member will be appointed to write a reference for your student and will reach out to them directly. The Application Form and Reference will be sent to the Ignite: Switzerland Programme Director by the College, and a selection commitee will determine if your child is accepted. Acceptances will be informed by the beginning of December. 

Please fill out the application form below by latest November 25, 2022.

Alternatively, please download the PDF version of the form and return it to admissions.ignite@dulwich.org

Application Email

If downloaded, send your Application Forms to admissions.ignite@dulwich.org

General Contact

Please reach out to contact.ignite@dulwich.org with any questions.