Áine Staunton photo

Áine Staunton

Pastoral Head of Middle School

Áine Staunton joined us from The British School of Bucharest in Romania. Áine completed her BA and MA  at the University of Limerick, and undertook her teaching qualification at the National University Galway, Ireland. During her teaching degree Áine completed additional modules in Learning to Teach for Social Justice and Restorative Justice. She has taught across all age groups in Senior School, and has completed the COBIS Programme for Middle Leaders. Áine loves to cook and will happily spend a weekend watching cooking shows with a notebook in hand. She will disappear into the kitchen and concoct delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes - she is always on the lookout for new recipes. Áine is accompanied by her husband Darragh, who is also an English teacher.  

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