Meat Free Monday

The Meat-free Monday initiative was driven by students in the Primary School Sustainability Club who invited Mrs Smith and me to a presentation in November. The students made a cogent argument for why we should take a lead in reducing the meat we consume as part of necessary urgent responses to climate change. They informed us of the large amount of land and water required to produce meat compared to other sources of protein and were quite clear that humanity’s consumption of meat at current increasing rates is unsustainable.


In the lead up to this menu change our catering company, Quadra, ensured suitable substitute protein sources were available and we ensure students knew what these were. Meat protein was substituted with tofu, yoghurt and beans and I can vouch for the fact that a healthy and tasty meal was consumed! I am delighted by these students’ activism and approach, and very happy that their important initiative has been realised in our school.

Graeme Salt
Head of College